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Flatulence odor control products and accessories are available.
Instructions: Make sure any items placed in the bag, are placed in a plastic bag prior to being placed
in our bag. The reason for this is, the material is extremely effective in withdrawing odor from items,
so much so, that it will start to pull the THC from the marijuana (which you don’t want), if the item
comes in contact with the inner lining of the bag. Simply place your medical marijuana in the
plastic bag first and our bag will take care of the odor.

Washing Instructions: If your bag ever gets contaminated, you can simply hand wash the item. By
using a small amount mild detergent (such as Woolite) or liquid hand soap, placed on a wash cloth,
wipe down the inner and outer sections of the bag. The drying process is very important. If you use a
hand held blow dryer on Medium heat, to dry the inner and outer sections of the bag, the heat will
rejuvenate the activated charcoal molecules. This will also ensure that your OCB, last a very long

Custom sizes are also available:

•        Disclaimer: Flat-D Innovations is not responsible for anyone using this product to engage in
illegal activities.
•        Purchase the OCB at your own risk.

*** All experiments involving the canines were conducted in a sterile and controlled environments.
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