Our products are made from odor removing activated charcoal cloth and will absorb and/or isolate those odors.
These products were developed with you (the customer) in mind. Our products are ideal for traveling and privacy.

The OCB is available in four different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large and Wide.
The small, at the size of a coin purse, is the perfect size for carrying some papers, a lighter, and a couple of
grams in one’s jeans’ pocket. The Medium is large enough for a pipe, lighter, and up to half an ounce,
making it ideal for a backpack or purse.  The Large is just right for holding up to an ounce, making it the
perfect bag for stopping by the local dispensary and holding it at home. Wide is for longer items.
Odor Containment Bag 3x4
Odor Containment Bag 4x6
Odor Containment Bag 6x6
Odor Containment Bag - 4x8
OCB Variety Pack