Best Bag on the market!
Contain those odors

The Odor Containment Bag is a small, lightweight, unassuming bag
made from the most powerful odor absorbing cloth in Flat-D
Innovations’ arsenal.  How powerful is this material?  It’s so powerful in
fact that a human being will have trouble identifying the bag’s inner
contents.  This makes The OCB without a doubt the best HERB and
tobacco carrying case ever made.  

No longer will you have to worry about the smell of HERBS emanating
out of your backpack or purse, leading to an uncomfortable or
compromising situation.  Stop by the local dispensary, put the HERBS
in The OCB, and get home hassle free.
Proven Effective in extensive testing
"Your Odor Containment Bag has saved me alot of grief. This sleek looking bag
not only works, its simple size, shape, color and style is discreet."
Not only is The OCB effective, but it’s also both clean and reusable.
Vacuum-sealed packages are for one time use and are only guaranteed to work for 24 hrs.
Processes using coffee or peanut butter to hide the odor of the marijuana are messy and tedious.  
Avoid all of these problems, along with the anxiety and paranoia of dealing with authority figures
by putting the product into the bag and sealing it shut with not one, but two industrial grade
Velcro seals and an overlapping flap.  The flap and Velcro seals make sure that no air can leave
the bag without first passing through our charcoal infused material, leaving the air surrounding the
bag uncontaminated by the smell.  
Odor Containment Bags
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