Remove odor from your clothing items with the Universal Deodorizer Bags
Activated Charcoal Cloth

Flat-D Innovations, Inc uses our famous activated charcoal cloth
technology to absorb those odors and remove those smells from your
garments and other items. This technology has been proven to be
effective even in a chemical warfare environment.
What does our product do?

Our products made from odor removing activated charcoal cloth (as
shown on the right side) will absorb or remove odors and/or isolate
those odors away from clean clothing items. So don’t worry  if you
mixed those smelly items in your bag, the Universal Deodorizer
Bags will prevent any contamination to your clean items.

These products were developed with you (the customer) in mind.
Our products are ideal for traveling. If you’re on a short trip
and don’t have time to do laundry….throw those dirty items in the
Universal Deodorizer Utility Bag , put it in your suitcase and don’t
worry about contaminating your clean clothes.

Got kids in soccer, football or hockey? Then you know how those
shoes and pads smell. Put them in the UD bag before they get in the
car to avoid that perspiration smell.
Our products save time
Save on cleaning bills
Can be rejuvenated several times
Products good for storing clothing            
(moth ball smell)
Prevents contaminating clean items in your
suitcase or drawer
Isolates smelly clothes from clean ones
For questions or to place your order over the phone:
Toll Free 866-354-0056
Odor Control Products for those who Care!
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"Your bags have saved me a lot of time and money and
Universal Deodorizer for your unique odor control needs

Flat-D Innovations Inc. Has done it again!!!

You have asked us to help you find solutions for other odor problems.
Traveling Overseas
Luggage (Dirty clothes)
Health Club (Gym bag)(Boxing Gloves)
Bars and Casinos (Smoke)  

We listened and acted!
We have developed a new line of odor control products using our odor
absorbent  - activated charcoal cloth to
remove those nuisance odors from your clothing. It can also  isolate
those odors so your other items in your luggage so they don’t get

Smoke Odors
Perspiration Odors
Musty and Mildew odors
Hunting clothes are scent free

Do you have nuisance odors on these items?
If so use our
Universal Clothing Carrier

Do you want to eliminate nuisance odors from  these items?
If so use our
Universal Utility Bag
Gym clothing
Gym equipment (wrist straps, knee wraps, boxing gloves, etc….)
Soccer Shin Guards
Football pads
Small enclosed spaces, confined odors??
Use our
Odor Kleen charcoal bags
Gym Bags
And the list goes on and on!!!!

Any questions or ideas for use, just call us