HERBS Odor Containment Tote Bags

Introducing                                   - HERB user’s new best friend.  

The 420Stealth is a small, lightweight, unassuming bag made from the most powerful odor absorbing cloth
Flat-D Innovations’ arsenal.  How powerful is this material?  It’s so powerful in fact that a human being will
have trouble identifying the bag’s inner contents.  This makes The 420Stealth without a doubt the best
HERB and tobacco carrying case ever made.  

No longer will you have to worry about the smell of HERBS emanating out of your backpack or purse, leading
to an uncomfortable or compromising situation.  Stop by the local dispensary, put the HERBS in The
420Stealth, and get home hassle free.

The                                   also helps in the delivery of HERBS through the mail, without it being delayed by the
postal service.  Everyday postal service employees, trained to pull any package that looks or smells
suspicious, find and turn in HERBS being delivered to prescribed HERB users.  Use The 420Stealth as a
carrying case to ensure that one’s medicine is delivered on time, untouched, and without a detour to the
postal inspectors’ office.  

Not only is The 420Stealth effective, but it’s also both clean and reusable.
Vacuum-sealed packages are for one time use and are only guaranteed to work for 24 hrs. Processes
using coffee or peanut butter to hide the odor of the marijuana are messy and tedious.  Avoid all of these
problems, along with the anxiety and paranoia of dealing with authority figures by putting the product into the
bag and sealing it shut with not one, but two industrial grade Velcro seals and an overlapping flap.  The flap
and Velcro seals make sure that no air can leave the bag without first passing through our charcoal infused
material, leaving the air surrounding the bag uncontaminated by the smell.  

The                                  is available in three different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.
The small, at the size of a coin purse, is the perfect size for carrying some papers, a lighter, and a couple of
grams in one’s jeans’ pocket. The Medium is large enough for a pipe, lighter, and up to half an ounce,
making it ideal for a backpack or purse.  The Large is just right for holding up to an ounce, making it the
perfect bag for stopping by the local dispensary and holding it at home.

The                                     is the future in carrying HERBS.
One little bag from us will relieve the massive hassle and anxiety of being stopped and questioned about
your HERB use.  No longer walk around with the smell of cannabis reeking out of your belongings.  This
product will change the way people carry medical marijuana forever.

Our bags are available in a variety of sizes to fit the individual’s needs.


             PRODUCTS (double layer material for your protection)
Universal Deodorizer
Clothes Odor Remover
For questions or to place your order over the phone:
Toll Free 866-354-0056
Odor Control Products for those who Care!
***This product is manufactured and intended to be used for
the sole purpose of storing HERBS, Tobacco, LEGAL medical
marijuana and/or any other LEGAL items that emits unwanted
odors. Any illegal use of this product is unauthorized by the
manufacturer of this product, owners of the company that
manufactures the product or anyone involved in the
authorized distribution of this product.
The storage of any illegal item within this pouch is NOT
authorized and Flat-D Innovation, Inc..shall not be
responsible for the illegal use of this product.
(The buyer/possessor agrees that Flat-D Innovations,
Inc..shall NOT be responsible for any illegal use of this

I had my whole ounce of
HERBS on me and my
friends could not tell I
was carrying it.           
Marie P.
Click Here for Instructions on using the 420Stealth

Want something different - Call for cost and quantity needed.

We will custom make small transport bags that will not allow others to smell the HERB odors.

See our
Universal Deodorizer products also. These products can remove the odor from your clothing.

Please visit
www.Flat-D.com to view our entire line of deodorizing products to meet your odor control
3x4 420Stealth Bag
Our 420Stealth Odor Containment Bags are now available at www.DeodorizerBag.com A small 3x4 lightweight bag made out of high quality activated charcoal cloth. Perfect for those not wanting others to detect that they are carrying medications.
4x6 420Stealth Bag
Our 420Stealth Odor Containment Bags are now available at www.DeodorizerBag.com This 4x6 inch 420Stealth Bag significantly reduces the odor of its contents so that no human nose can detect what is inside. It is a soft sided bag that can fit in a pocket or purse.
6x6 420Stealth Bag
Our 420Stealth Odor Containment Bags are now available at www.DeodorizerBag.com This product is perfect for medical marijuana users who do not want the odor emanating out of their pockets or handbags. 6 inches wide and 6 inches tall. With Instructions.
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Flat-D is not selling this
item direct to consumers

Flat-D is not selling this item
direct to consumers